Friday, August 15, 2014

The Best Nights Are Unplanned.

It's around 1am and I'm sitting in a gay bar, looking at this bro. We make eye contact a few times and I'm trying to figure out whether he was single, or even into dudes. I asked some of the people I was with if they knew who he was. None of them did.

Fast forward a few hours…

Me and this bro are standing in my kitchen hallway, hands all over each other, making out like crazy while his friend is fast asleep on my bed.

                                                *          *          *          *          *

I came across a guy on grindr, I'll call him 'American bro'. He didn't have any face photo but he did have a link to his instagram, so I checked it out. He was good looking, visiting from the US (though a native from the country I'm in now), three years younger than me, and studying philosophy. I decided to chat him up a bit and find out who he was. The conversation didn't really pick up until after about two or three days of slow, barely chatting chats. He eventually sent me his number and told me to text him, which I did.

He asked me if I would like to go to a gay bar. I immediately thought "no". I'm not really into the scene and I wasn't much in the mood for going out to begin with. But against my innate laziness I decided I'd go, and so we organized to meet in about an hour's time. So I walked to our agreed meeting place and we met up. He was attractive, and had a nice accent. (American; I'm a sucker for it)

We got to the gay bar, and I sat down with him and some of his local friends. The bar was a mixture of dudes and lesbian girls -but the girls outnumbers the guys. I didn't like the crowd; they were too stereotypical; most of the guys were feminized and cliched and the girls were more masculine than the dudes.

Oh well, I'm here now so whatever. I chatted up American bro's friends a bit. One of them, a bisexual chick was actually a police officer. She was one of the more normal girls in sight.

American bro and I talked; discussed some of our common interests, asked each other questions and the usual. He had a very interesting family lineage. He is the descendant of a man who converted to Islam a long ass time go and became one of the imperial rulers of this place; and American bro used to be a Muslim too, but converted back into the faith that is dominant of the people him and I both belong to; i.e. Christianity.

So that was interesting; he knew a lot about religion and was interested in philosophy too. Eventually he had to leave, so I said bye to him and we decided we'd catch up again before he leaves back for the US next week.

After he left I decided to stay and make some semi-boring small talk with his friends, and that was when I noticed some dude. I'll call him 'M'.

I thought to myself "holy shit, this dude is fire". He passed me a few times as he got up to order drinks and what not, but while sitting down we made eye contact a few times; full on, long stares. I did it intentionally because I was hoping he would 'get it' and approach me the next time he went to get some drinks.

I asked the people I was sitting with if they knew him…if they knew if he was into dudes, and the police officer chick said that heteros don't come to this bar, so that he was certainly into dudes.

Police chick: Do you think he's cute?

Me: I do.

Police chick: Why don't you go and talk to him?

Me: I don't know… I don't know what I would say and maybe he's here with someone. I dunno, I think it would be awkward.

I'm usually a very open person, and can converse well with virtually anyone I bother to talk to for whatever reason, but when I need to approach a guy I find attractive out of the blue, I get nervous; maybe a bit shy.

We continued this game of stares, with each of us breaking it when the other realized he was being looked at. I noticed he wasn't here with another guy or guys, but with a girl. I think she realized I was looking at M. I was hoping she did; maybe she would introduce us or something.

She walked over in my direction and began talking to some lesbians sitting in a corner-area behind me, and M followed suit. He was standing right next to me and the people I was with where giving me the look of "talk to him". I was ready to explode inside, but kept my mouth shut -but my ears open.

I realized M was talking in English. This means he was a foreigner, and now I was even more curious than before. He left his friend and went to order more drinks or something, and this is when I asked his friend who he was. She introduced herself and told me about her friend, where he was from and confirmed the fact he was indeed into dudes. She also asked me if I was interested in him, and I told her I was. She seemed very excited about this fact, high-fived me and introduced M to me when he returned.

I began to talk with him, trying to ignore the looks of the people I was with, who were making it almost obvious that I was into M.

So we spoke, and learned some things about each other. I told him I just moved here from Australia, and he was here from some other European country on some sort of student exchange program. The conversation was going well, but there were a few moments of awkward silences, but one of us usually broke the ice again.

He told me he really liked the city and that he was having a blast. I asked if he had met any other dudes while here, and he said he hasn't. He said that back in his country he never went to any gay bars or outings, but wanted to try something different while here, especially since he was heading back to his home country in a week.

I found him extremely attractive, and the urge to hook up with him was just getting stronger and stronger. He had a really nice face, and I wanted to taste those lips.

We continued to talk until the bar closed, and police officer chick told us both to come to some party the next night, so we exchanged numbers with her and each other in order to stay in touch.

The bar closed, and M, his girl friend and I decided to go for a walk around the city. His girl friend needed to use the bathroom so she asked if we could go back to my place. I said I was cool with it but that my place was a mess and that they had to promise not to judge me hah.

So we made our way back to my place, about 20 minutes walking through the city in a warm summer night.

Both thought my apartment was really cool, and M's friend took up a spot on my bed, while M and I smoked a cigarette on my balcony. (as I wrote 'balcony' I accidentally spelled it as 'balkany' -hah)

There was a huge tension between M and I; a lot of silences, looks between us, and also the looks his friend was giving us. It was obvious that we were into each other.

I wanted to kiss him bad, but his friend was here! Fuck!

The three of us were talking about what it's like for dudes who like dudes in this country compared to Australia, and I was saying how for example, I would never walk down the street holding a guy's hand or kiss him in public here, because a lot of people, mainly football hooligans, can actually threaten you physically, and how the last thing I wanted was for someone to ruin my face over something like that.

Me: I like my face, and I don't want anyone to ruin it…

M: I like your face too…

Me: Haha, thanks..

M: I actually really want to kiss you…

Me: I know, I want to kiss you as well..

Next minute, we were in my kitchen hallway, away from his friend, hooking up.

We were hooking up for ages; I think at least an hour. I really enjoyed it, and from the sounds he was making, he did too.

We both lost our shirts and kept at it -our hands were everywhere all over each other.

He smelled really nice, and tasted really good.

This was the first time I was kissing a guy and actually enjoyed it. I wasn't doing it because its part of the whole getting with a guy bullshit act…but because I really wanted to. It was authentically awesome.

And, it was the first time where all I did was kiss. Nothing else. You know, letting that tension build.

It was really good, and he was just gorgeous. I just really enjoyed kissing him; it felt better than anything else I've done with any other guy.

I thought to myself, how when I first saw him I did not imagine that we would be standing in my kitchen hallway making out only a few hours later.

I told him he could stay over another night -without his friend, so that it would just be the two of us. He was super keen for it.

Dawn hit, and M had to head back to his own place, so we stopped kissing and touching each other and he went to wake up his friend who had fallen asleep on my bed, and I walked the two of them back to the city center so that they could catch a bus back to the place they were staying.

M and I agreed to see each other later that day, as well as at the party police officer chick invited us to.

American bro will probably be at that party as well, seeing as how police officer chick is his friend.

I just really want to see M again. All of him this time.


  1. Love the lingering eye game--as long as someone actually mans up and approaches the other. Nice job getting it done.

  2. Replies
    1. There's a massive follow up. I'll write it up soon-ish.