Friday, June 6, 2014

First Date

I had my first date a few days ago. It was a first in two senses; first, it was a first as in it was the first date I have had since I moved here. Secondly, it was a first in the sense that it was the first actual date that I've had with a dude -ever.

I've done a lot of things with dudes. Hell, I've even been in a foursome at one point. But an actual date?


Every single time I have met with a dude, it was explicitly for sex. But this time was different. I met with the dude, just to actually meet him. I didn't have any other motives. There was no plan beyond simply meeting him for a drink.

This is how it all went down…

I came across the dude on grindr and thought he looked attractive, so I sent him a message and we began chatting. Turns out, he works only 2 or 3 blocs from where I'm staying.

I thought he was pretty attractive. He was 27yrs old. I don't know why, but I somehow always end up going for dudes who are a few years older than me. I've only ever been with a dude my age once.

A day prior to the date, I told the bro that I'm going to stop by his store to buy some cigarettes. When I got there I had a look around, to try and get a glimpse of the dude. I walked up to the bar in the store and asked for cigarettes. They didn't have my brand. On my way out of the store I saw my date standing around talking to one of his attractive female co-workers. I sort of nodded at him, and walked out.

I felt kind of stupid afterwards for not actually going up to him and saying hello, but he later told me not to stress about it. Plus, I wasn't sure if his co-worker knew.

I told both my parents and my best bro back in Australia that I had a date, and that my date's name was the same as my ex-best bro who flipped the shit when I "came out" to him back in 2011; all three had a good laugh about it, as did I. I mean like, what are the chances hah.

The night of the date we met in front of his work place, and took a stroll around the city at night.

I actually live in the city centre, so the moment I step outside of my apartment I am actually in the city.

We talked and walked to one of this dude's friend's cafes. It was actually in an apartment, but the entire apartment was renovated and turned into a cafe.

It was a pretty chill joint.

In the apartment-cafe we had a few drinks, and it loosened me up a bit. Me and the dude talked about everything; half of it was in English, and the other half was the local language -the one I'm still learning to speak fluently.

He said usually on dates he is the one who does all the talking, and that it was a nice and rare change that an actual dialogue was going on.

He also called me funny and intelligent, so props to me for that, and props to him for noticing.

He made a comment which cracked me up; I don't know why he said it, but he said that I'd do well working for the State Secret Security Service (our version of the CIA or KGB etc). I took it as a massive compliment hah.

By midnight I was pretty drunk, and was thinking about whether I should head back to my apartment and get some rest for tomorrow, or continue the date to the bro's bedroom. The dude was not ugly; he was not as built as I thought he was, but still decent. He definitely was not relationship material because I couldn't see myself being with him in any serious way, but I was drunk, horny, and hadn't been with a dude for quite some time. I thought fuck it, so I said to the dude that we should head back to his apartment, which we proceeded to do and once we got there we fooled around a bit.

We took our sweet arse time too; which was a nice change from the usual feeling of being rushed and under pressure.

Our date had a happy ending. I haven't spoken to him since and I'm not sure whether I will again, but I'm not ruling anything out. He could end up being just a new friend or something.

We'll see, but either way, whatever.

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